"God places the solitary in families and gives the desolate a home in which to dwell" Psalm 68:6

Monday, January 10, 2011


While we've been busy at home . . .

Lasma, Laura, Anthony, Jacqueline, Liza, and Agnete

our agency has been busy in Kinshasa

They've opened their own orphanage and many children have come home to new families and a group of new referrals have just come. We're #7 on the referral list, our wait moves forward, as we look forward to seeing the faces of our beloved children soon.

Here's to 2011!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pressing On

Its hard to fathom all God has done in the last few months. Our lives have changed in so many ways in how we manage money and belongings, how we see the world and hence...people, and our passion growing for what God would have for us in all things. As we have prayed we made cuts, decisions, and sacrifices as we felt God would have us to. Never in my life have I ever understood or experienced God interacting in my life as I have the last 5 months. God led us to sell our paid for 2006 Equinox and put the money towards the adoption. We felt compelled to make sacrifices in what we thought at one time were entitlements like meat at every meal and creature comforts within our home. We had people look at us with the "crazy" eye when we cut most of Christmas and gifts out. The amazing thing is how God has made our life's richer through this process. We don't miss cable, or Longhorns, or Wal-Mart 5 times a week. We still eat out and do things as a family but why spend $50 at Longhorns when $10 at McDonald's will do. Why buy the Big Mac combo when ordering off the dollar menu can fill me up just as easy. In general we buy whats practical and necessary, its been a culture shift that God has used to fund much of the adoption costs. We have been so blessed to have many of you owning the journey with us and doing your own fundraisers to help out. We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Promise 686 which provides a tax deductible outlet for people wanting to help. (The donate button to the right links strait to them and you will receive a letter for your taxes). I have added a thermometer for a couple of reasons: First its to share how God is moving and to praise Him for what He has provided. Also to let you know there is still a need for finances. We are trusting God through all of this and we ask you to seek Holy Spirit if you can help bring both our children home. God is sovereign and I know it sounds so cliche' but its true...if we trust in Him , we cannot go wrong.