"God places the solitary in families and gives the desolate a home in which to dwell" Psalm 68:6

Saturday, September 24, 2011

How Elizabeth Came Home: 2

When I walked thru the arrival doors in Riga, I was surprised to hear high pitched squeaks before I even saw my girl coming. She ran up and threw her arms around me, I think we were both in shock that the moment had finally come. I was really there!! She was really coming here!!!

A sweet couple that I met thru Facebook offered to meet me at the airport, but went way beyond that. She worked out Elizabeth coming to Riga the day before so she could greet me at the airport, hosted us both in her home, showed us how to get around town, took us to eat at the amazing Lido, went the the Embassy appointment with us, and even gave me a bus pass that had just enough on it for every trip that we needed to make! God used her for a blessing to us in a detailed and gracious way!

Friday we had our embassy appointment. This was Elizabeth's visa interview where the US said yes or no. We got there, met our lawyer who was such a help thru the whole process, and then it was our turn to answer the questions. One of the documents was in Latvian, and the embassy official said he would go read it and be right back. We waited 45 minutes. Oh, I prayed and fought against anxiousness! Finally, he returned. Elizabeth's case, he said, was very complicated. It could look like a back door adoption, (adoption is illegal for foreign children older than 15 1/2 in most cases according to current U.S. federal law) He remarked that we were gracious to offer her this opportunity, but that she and we had to understand that she MUST return to Latvia when her visa expired. But, he believed our intentions were true and so he approved a 2 year visa for her. Praise God!!! We could come pick it up on Monday! They said YES!

Want to hear something else God did? Not until I was packing up my suitcase when we got back, did I realize that I had forgotten to take a required document to the embassy. He didn't even ask for it!!! Awed.

Well, we walked around Riga a bit more, explored the occupation museum which I HIGHLY recommend to anyone traveling to Riga, but especially those with Latvian children. Even with little English, I learned a lot about the history and perspective of the Latvian people.

Then, our sweet friend was so kind to drive us and our bags to the train station, and we were off on the train from the capital city, Riga, to Elizabeth's hometown, Daugavpils. Almost 3 hot sticky hours, and we were there! I'll tell you about our weekend, next time . . . .

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