"God places the solitary in families and gives the desolate a home in which to dwell" Psalm 68:6

Saturday, July 9, 2011

At home with the Davises . . .

We're making room for more Davises!

Sure, sleeping in a laundry basket is comfy for a nap

But sometimes, even a small child needs their own bed.
So, we've been passing the waiting time by preparing for our three new arrivals.

All four of the youngest Davises (5,4,3,and 1 for a little while longer) are going to share a room classically labeled as "bonus" and positioned over the garage (Daddy has quickly adapted to not opening the garage door during naptime but rather *gasp* entering our home through the previously neglected front door)

Davises 4 and 1 have already moved in, and have given their new domain a hearty approval!

 Two sets of bunk beds, all the toys, and bright colors (courtesy of IKEA and Fisher Price designers) have won them over.

All that's left is painting a dresser, hanging a curtain in front of the closet, and anchoring the swing to the ceiling. Yes, I said the swing. Not joking. Really!

We had to pause on those details, though. We had another room to do!

Daddy took apart the crib. Jacqueline and Mommy watched, each shedding a tear. The end of an era . . . at least for a while . . .

And then, we got busy. Our oldest daughter needs a room!

And now she has one! I had a lot of fun imaging her dancing in front of the mirror headboard, and remembering sitting at the vanity when I was 17 . . . I hope she likes it!

Now, to pick up all the spare pieces littering OUR room :) 

I hate to leave a messy bedroom behind when I travel . . .
and I might be traveling to Latvia soon :)

Please keep praying for God to move hearts, bureaucracies, and time lines for Liza. Her first day of classes at Covenant Christian Academy is August 5th! I have faith that He will get her here on time!!

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