"God places the solitary in families and gives the desolate a home in which to dwell" Psalm 68:6

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Handmade hair accessories with a huge help!

Glad to report that we had a great day at the festival today, introducing our hair accessory collection and talking about ministry to ophans. Thanks to everyone who came by to talk, shop, and donate, and everyone who prayed for those opportunities. We feel blessed!

If you weren't able to come by today (because you were already committed elsewhere or because it's just too far away from you) we have a special opportunity for you, as well! For the next two weeks, that's until 11:59 pm Sat, November 13th, you can get your choice of any of our available designs for free with any donation to our adoption fund! That's right, ANY donation!!

purple rosette

yellow and red flowers


headbands in assorted color schemes

Just make a donation through our paypal donate button on the right side bar and in the paypal comments on your transaction, list these things:
       - your choice of flower, rosette, holly, or head band
       - preferred color
       - choice of french clip, snap clip, pony holder, or pin for flower, rosette, or holly
       - age of headband wearer (infant, toddler, big girl, adult)
       - address to ship if your different from your paypal account.

OR if that doesn't work for you, just send me an email at lauradavis05AThotmailDOTcom with the amount and name on your paypal account and the item you would like and I can get it to you. When considering your donation, please keep in mind the shipping costs involved, as well.

Finally, for all our new friends, a little bit about why we're raising money! God has told my husband Rob and I (Laura) that we have two more children who, for only months longer, live in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We have no idea what their names or genders or specific ages are, but we know that today they live in a dangerous, chaotic country where they are most vulnerable and most susceptible to the atrocities that surround them. We also know that God has chosen to redeem them and place them in a family and church where they will witness daily His great Love for them.

We are deeply honored that you spend the last several minutes reading about our hearts and efforts to bring our children home. Thanks

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